​"I have also taken care of baby peacocks and turkeys.  The picture above is a

baby wild turkey."

"A co-worker brought me this hen when he had to move and couldn't take her with him."

"This chicken came to me with a severely broken leg.  I splinted the leg and, fortunately, it healed. so now she has full use of both her legs."

"This chicken's wing was amputated during some sort of animal attack.  When she gets excited, she flaps her one good wing and runs around in a circle.

"The white chicken was given to me by a breeder because she had an eye infection.  She and my completely blind chicken live together in harmony.  These two also make great surrogate parents for small chicks, giving them warmth under their wings and teaching them the ins and outs of being a chicken."

"This hen was brought to me when she was found abandoned in an apartment laundry room.  She didn't know how to be a chicken and would jump into my lap and bury her head in my shirt.  Now, she pecks and scratches with the other chickens."

"This is my oldest chicken.  She came to me blind and nearly starved to death.  Because she is blind, the other chickens wouldn't allow her to feed.  She has been fat and happy with me for about 4 years now."

"I rescued this chick (left) from death at a feed store.  They were going to kill it because it had developed an eye infection.  The chicken (right) is now fully grown.  You would never know that she only has one eye."

Saving Chickens

Natalie, one of our wonderful ATW rehabilitators, has rescued several chickens over the years.  Here are Natalie's pictures of some of the chickens she has saved followed by her comments: 

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