IMPORTANT NOTE:  Bats are a rabies-vector species.  Exercise extreme caution when dealing with any animal that could potentially carry rabies.



If you find a bat lying on the ground, you can safely capture it, if you wish, by placing a box over it and gently sliding a piece of cardboard or heavy paper under the bat, then turning it over and securing the top to the box with tape.  Please wear leather gloves or use a thick towel when picking up a bat.  Be very careful to protect yourself from being bitten by the bat.  Although the vast majority of bats never get rabies, it is always best to be on the safe side by NEVER touching a bat.  

Please go to the Bat Conservation International (BCI) web site at the following link:   There, you will find advice about Bats in Buildings and see a short video showing exactly how to safely capture a bat by gently placing a box over it.  Also helpful is the web site for Bat World Sanctuary, Inc., at for information on what to do if you find a bat. 

For help and advice with bats found on the ground or flying in a building, please call:

                                                                            Dianne Odegard 512-799-8847


                                                                         Lee Mackenzie 512-695-4116

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