Baby Songbird With No or Few Feathers

(Hatchlings and Nestlings)

Baby birds are called hatchlings at birth or nestlings as long as

they remain in the nest.  If you find a featherless baby bird

on the ground, it has fallen out of the nest.  Try to find the

nest and put the baby back in it.  If this is not possible, keep

the baby warm and dry and call us.  It's OK to touch the


Some rehabilitators will tell you to create a new nest out of a

plastic container and attach the container to the tree under which you found the baby on the ground.  It is true that the parents will continue feeding the baby during the day; however, nighttime is a different story.  The mother cannot brood, i.e., keep warm, both the babies in the nest and the baby in the con-

tainer, and the container baby will die of hypothermia, not to mention be eaten by a predator.

Basically, if the featherless baby cannot be returned to the nest, it will have to be taken to a rehabilitator.  Click here to see our contact information.

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