Baby Songbirds With Feathers


Baby birds with feathers that look like miniature versions of their parents

are called fledglings.  They learn to fly by leaving the nest and hopping

around on the ground.  During this time, the parents are still feeding and

teaching them how to survive on their own.  This is a dangerous time but

very necessary for them to learn.  They do not need to be rescued.

Keeping cats indoors will help keep baby birds safe especially during April, May. and June, the most active months for baby birds.   However, if a cat has caught a baby and the cat's teeth have perforated the baby's skin, the baby will need antibiotic medication to survive and must be taken to a rehabilitator.  The bacteria in a cat's saliva is sufficient to kill a baby bird within 24 hours.  

If you feel that a young bird is in imminent danger, for example, from a cat or being hit by a car, it is okay to pick it up and move it to a safe place nearby.  The parent birds will still tend to it.  However, the presence of cats in the neighborhood is not a sufficient reason to kidnap a baby bird from its parents.  Call us for guidance.  Click here for our contact information.

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