Adult Songbird

Often songbirds fly into windows or collide with cars causing

brain trauma. When this happens, the bird will sit there in a

stupor, not flying.  Sometimes, the brain injury causes paralysis,

and the bird cannot walk or hop.  If the bird does not recover

and fly away in a couple of hours, it will need to be taken to a rehabilitator.

Adult birds caught and injured by cats, need to go to a rehabilitator.  If the

cat's teeth have perforated the bird's skin, the bacteria in the cat's saliva will

kill the bird unless it receives antibiotic medication.  

Other reasons to take an adult songbird to a rehabilitator include broken and sprained wings; wounds from hawk, owl, or dog attacks; and starvation due to severe drought conditions.   Whatever the reason, if the bird needs help, please call us for advice.  Click here for our contact information.   

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